Pennyroyal Ltd. Director Nominated for African Leader 4 Change Award

15 Oct 17

Saleh Said, YPO member and director of Pennyroyal Ltd. and Blue Amber Resort, has been nominated for The African Leader in Community Safety & Security in the 2017 African Leaders 4 Change Awards for his corporate social responsibility project, Best of Zanzibar. Said set up the initiative as the driving force to change the economic and social landscape of Zanzibar with the goal of eradicating poverty on the island by implementing creative, sustainable and realistic solutions.

The award comes in recognition of the two police stations constructed in the villages of Kiboje and Jambiani. Since construction, the villages have seen an increase in police presence, causing crime rates drop by 50 percent. Said plans to secure a third police station in the village of Matemwe, further ensuring the safety and security of these communities.

Through Best of Zanzibar, Said’s vision is strongly based on sustainable community development and empowerment. As a result, Said has facilitated an After-Hour English and Maths tutoring programme for the pupils of the Kijini Pre-primary and Mbuyu Tende Primary and Secondary Schools. To ensure that there are enough qualified teachers to educate the pupils, English-medium teacher training certificate programmes were offered to local teachers.

Gender inequality in the villages of Kijini and Mbuyu Tende is prevalent, leaving the unemployment rate amongst women alarmingly high. As a result, Best of Zanzibar has provided six women from these villages tailoring training. The long-term vision is that the women will take the skills that they have learned and teach other women, with the potential to obtain jobs at the Blue Amber Resort once completed, creating a sustainable income. The women will also be given training in record keeping, savings and lending and entrepreneurship.

An 18km road construction to the village of Matemwe has been constructed, creating opportunity for villagers to move easily to the nearest towns to sell their products and become open to more investments and tourism.

“It is an honour to be nominated for the award in African Leader in Safety and Security,” says Said.

“Through Blue Amber Zanzibar and Best of Zanzibar, we want to grow socially, economically, culturally and environmentally sustainable communities.”

The African Leaders 4 Change Awards honour those doing exceptional work in all areas of philanthropic activities, improving the lives of Africans. For more information on Best of Zanzibar, head over to or visit the Best of Zanzibar Facebook page to see them at work.